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    Has anybody had a problem with bringing their e-cigarette onto a plane on their person, or has it had to be inside of a carry on? I'm flying with Easyjet next week and I believe the rules change between different airlines! Not really up for rocking up to customs and having my left arm (e-cig) confiscated..

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    Hi James it also depends on the destination country's customs as well as the airlines. I use Easyjet twice a year and they are fine with people having e-cigs on the plane in hand luggage, however don't forget to put your tank in the plastic zip-lock bag if it contains any e-liquid!

    Also due to the pressure change, your tank will almost certainly leak if it has a bottom airflow so it may be best to empty it before boarding. hope this helps!


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      Netherlands is the destination! Sounds promising though, thanks for the advice. I will ensure to bring an empty tank

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    Ah right well you shouldn't have too much issue then in that case, I hope you have a great time!