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Traveling to Ireland and UK, w/5ml + sized tanks

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  • Traveling to Ireland and UK, w/5ml + sized tanks

    Headed to Ireland and UK this spring and wondered if I would have problems with my tanks that are over 2ml in size, like 4, 5, 7ml (love the 7ml).

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    A 7ml tank! We can only dream about buying that here; where are you coming from?

    I don't think it will be a problem. As I understand it is illegal to sell large tanks in the EU, but I don't believe it is illegal to possess or use them - nobody here has had to give up or destroy their old large tanks bought before the latest laws came in.
    My advice would be this: when you are travelling have a 2ml tank fitted to your e-cig, just so you don't attract any unwanted attention as you go through customs. Keep your larger tanks dismantled as much as possible and away from any other vaping gear - I would recommend keeping them in your washbag in your hold luggage - I doubt if anybody will notice them or recognised them.


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      Cool beans thanks


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        Does anyone know if you can vape in Gatwick airport and how much e liqard you can take out the country with you and the best place to pack it. Ie in you hold luggage or hand luggage. And also if it' ok to vape on Sicily