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TECC Turns 10!

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  • TECC Turns 10!

    Good morning!

    TECC is celebrating 10 years in the industry and as we are all in the party spirit we want to give something back. As well as our 10 days of incredible offers we want to giveaway an arc 5 Aniversary Edition to one lucky winner!

    All you have to do is tell us your 10 favourite things about vaping!

    Competition ends Monday 18th June 2018

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    Great post, and very generous to be giving away an Arc 5 - I use this kit at the moment and would love a new shiny one!

    My 10 Favourite things;

    1. Flavours; There isn't much better than experimenting and finding a new all day vape!
    2. Health Benefits; it's good to know i'm getting Nicotine yet avoiding all the other harmful chemicals you get when smoking.
    3. Savings; I save quite abit compared to when I smoked!
    4. New Devices; I do love it when I switch over to a brand new shiny kit, and get very tempted when new products are released!
    5. Smell; I can still smoke (well, vape) and I don't smell like an ashtray!
    6. Community; When I see a fellow vaper I often end up conversing with him/her about Devices, Liquids etc. So it can be very social being a vaper.
    7. Fresh Coil; It's always great to get rid of that burnt coil, and a freshly primed coil brings loads of flavour!
    8. Deals; Love when I can save a penny on vaping goods, as I buy alot of juice.
    9. Recommending; I always recommend people I know to make the switch, and when they feel the benefits of switching (and not smoking) it feels great that I helped them out!
    10. Vaping in Public places; I was never able to smoke in public places, yet vaping isn't an issue - so I can vape in pubs and other various places which is convenient.

    Thanks for the post, and really hope I can win the kit!



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      My 10 fave things about vaping;
      - choice of flavours, I can go from vaping strawberry kiwi to pear drop sweets.
      - blingyness, I love how my rainbow arc mini catches everyones eye
      - community, no matter where you go you'll always bump in to a fellow vaper and start chatting.
      - not having to stand outside in the cold and rain!
      - smell...I don't smell, my car doesn't smell, my vape smells yummy :P
      - cost, a bottle of juice lasts so much longer than a pack of cigs.
      - deals, it's easy to stock on with liquid when there's a decent offer on.
      - delivery day, I always try to order a new flavour in my multipack order!
      - I feel better, I don't class myself as a 'smoker' anymore.
      - Saturday morning brew and vape time, my favourite time of the week!

      Happy b'day TECC
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        Happy b,day TECC,
        lets see if i can come up with 10 things,
        Vape in the car
        vape in the house
        vape in some night clubs that actually allow it
        vape pen fits in my shirt pocket while at work
        i feel vaping is better for me
        wide variety of flavors
        the cost seems to be cheap and reasonable
        my neighbors dont mind me vaping in there house they like the smell
        easy to maintain once you get the hang of it
        vape forums great place for learning tips and trick.

        have a good day everyone


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          my 10 favourite things about vaping:
          1. I DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE!!!!!!
          2. the flavours available
          3. feeling healthier
          4. money saved
          5. always good deals to had for both liquids and mods etc
          6. buying liquids actually feels like a treat, buying cigs was boring but now i look forward to payday and restocking my juice draw
          7. feels like a hobby rather than just a addiction to nicotine
          8. the joy i feel when the dreaded vapers tongue passes!!!!!!!!
          9. my son saying a look like a dragon whilst i vape
          10. freedom to tailor your whole vaping experience be it with wattage, flavour, pg/vg content, air flow etc.......

          good luck everyone, although i hope i win !!!!!!



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            We've decided to extend this competition until Monday to allow a few more entries


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              Happy Birthday TECC

              My 10 Favourite things about Vaping:

              1 - It got me of the Stinkies!
              2 - Am loads Healthier.
              3 - Saving Money! (well maybe not as much as I think lol)
              4 - The amount of Weird and wonderful flavours.
              5 - The diversity of Vape gear available.
              6 - Building your own coils.
              7 - The Vaping Community
              8 - Mixing your own Juice.
              9 - Getting my family who smoked to now Vape.
              10 - Vape Mail....


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                A winner has been picked!

                steevo are you able to send us a message with your address details and date of birth and we'll get your arc 5 out to you



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                  Wow thanks don’t think I’ve ever won a competition before that’s awesome!!!!


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                    Congrats steevo hope you enjoy the arc 5