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'Atomizer Short' bug.

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  • 'Atomizer Short' bug.

    I just mentioned this on another thread, then thought 'why not ask my fellow vapers'

    I'm using a Fuze tank on a Hornet mod. It's just about ideal for me: the battery lasts a long time and is easily swapped, it produces just the vapour I like, and it's reliable

    ... except for one thing. If I leave it for a few minutes I get the 'Atomizer Short' message when I try to use it. I know there is no problem with the tank or atomizer as I can use them perfectly with other mods. All I have to do is unscrew the tank a few turns then rescrew it in and it works fine again, until I leave it for a while.

    I know others have had this problem with this and other devices. Has anybody found an easy solution? One that doesn't involve dismantling the device.

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    Hey Easily,

    Have you tried adjusting the connection pin on the base of tank? Sometimes just pulling it out by a millimetre or so will make the world of difference.


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      I've just had a quick look, and it doesn't seem as if the connection pin is adjustable. I'll have a look on youtube to see if there are any videos about making adjustments. Thanks for the suggestion.


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        Hey, if you're still having trouble, give our customer service team a shout