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External batteries, should I be concerned?

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  • External batteries, should I be concerned?

    For as long as I have vaped (4 years), I have always favoured kits that do not facilitate external batteries, as I deemed them to be safer. That being said I have my eye on an iStick Pico kit, and want to know the pros and cons of using external batteries. I am probably being way overly cautious avoiding these types of kits, but would like some help before taking the plunge!



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    Thanks Ttaskmaster really insightful information. I think as long as you look after your batteries then all should be ok! Might need to fork out for an external charger aswell. Thanks again!



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      Love the new Pico colours, but also love the new Pico 25. Tough decision!!

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    I only use mods what take battery now as I can change when empty and don't have to wait to charge them. bit only should you look at battery safety but also where you get them I use Fogstar as they have always been very good batterys and always keep your battery in a case

    happy vaping buddy


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      If you want to know about batteries you can read about them on the internet.
      A comprehensive guide to help you choose the best 18650 batteries for vaping that you can buy in the UK for the lowest price online. Comparisons and more!


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        I'd suggest that with a decent smart charger using quality/branded 18650s is actually safer, because you'll have the charger's protections on top of the battery's built-in circuitry to prevent the excessive voltage and over-charging that causes fires. I also find it reassuring that I'd be able to spot any external signs of damage.

        .As per @the vape man's reply, I can recommend the Fogstar own-label batteries. I've found that they achieve and keep their rated capacities much more reliably than integrated ones, with a single 3500mAh unit easily lasting more than twice as long as my older 2200mAh integrated boxes with the same tank/coils and settings and similar usage. Since the number of dis/charge cycles inevitably affecting the overall battery-life, I'd expect them to work out being significantly cheaper and more eco-friendly in the long run too.

        If you've made the switch, how's it gone for you?