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Problem with ecig.

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  • Problem with ecig.

    Hi guys I have a question regarding my batteries. Whenever I charge them with either USB or Multi Battery Charger, I continuously use my ecig after charging, but after use my batteries on the LCD screen is showing that one battery is dying quicker than the right battery... Suggestions anybody?

    Oh and another question. Do Totally Wicked service MODs?

    Thanks in advance. Any and all advice is well appreciated!

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    One battery often shows as being slightly lower than the other - Usually it's the one closest to the fire button. Not sure why, it just goes like that. My Predator and Cuboid do the same.
    It's only a problem if the level is MUCH lower.


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      It almost sounds like one of the cells are being drained quicker than the other, resulting in them becoming imbalanced. Have you got any new batteries to try which are fully charged? If the issue persists then it could simply be a quirk in the device perhaps? I have to admit I do not have that issue on my dual 18650 devices, so the above seems like the only logical conclusion to me.


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        I think both of above sound spot on. I have the same mod and one is always slightly lower than the other. It always corrects on charging