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  • Most popular liquids?

    Would it be possible to have the list of the most popular liquids per month, let's say the Top 10 or 20?

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    Morning Toonsai,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    We have thought about this before but time after time the best sellers are always tobacco and menthol flavours. We could start a poll on the Forum and people could then vote for their own favourite flavours? This may add some variety to it!

    Kind regards,



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      Hello Rebecca, thanks for the welcome! I was more thinking about getting some figures from a few selected significant suppliers. Not to monitor any sales volume, but just to have a more "global" idea of the trends. No necessarily every month, it could be every quarter. Let's say ask 10 liquids suppliers to give their Top 10 liquids every months. It is not only about the flavour but also the type (VG/PG). Just a suggestion, I think it could be interesting and fun to consolidate some facts and figures.


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        This would be a really good idea. I need some inspiration for a new flavour!

        Would other companies happily give out their best sellers to put on here? I reckon in the meantime we get a poll on the go.