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  • Red Label bottles

    I am finding it almost impossible to squeeze the 10ml bottles because the plastic is so rigid. I don't remember them being so inflexible, but this latest batch is proving a trial, so I shall have to prise off the dropper and pour the liquid into something easier to dispense from. Has TW changed the formula of the plastic within the last 4-6 months?

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    Good afternoon Trik,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble using the 10ml bottles. As far as we are aware the design of the bottles hasn't changed in some time. Certainly not in the last 6 months or so. Is it all the bottles which are hard to squeeze?


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      I haven't used all the bottles from my last batch (Blueberry flavoured), but, so far, 3 have been very hard. I have arthritis in my hands, but even my husband is having to use his thumbs and forefingers of both hands as the plastic has hardly any give it in at all.


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        Hi Trik,

        Thank you. I can send you an empty refilling bottle, these are generally a bit softer. It would mean having to decant the liquid into it though. Would this be ok? You can prise the tops off the Red Label bottles to make it easier.


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          Thanks anyway, Rebecca, but I already have one or two of those, plus needle bottles, but - as you rightly say - I still have to squeeze the 10ml as the neck of the refill bottles is on the small side.. I had no such problems when I could buy 20ml of eliquid. <sigh>


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            Funny that someone else thinks the bottle are different inlyvthe other day I thought the same I just thought it was because my bottle was colder than normal. Also I have stopped the 1.4mg and come down to 1.0mg and the flaver seems better is that normal or is it just me. I m finding I vape a lot more shame.tjey don't do a 1.2mg so it' not such a big.drop on nicotine


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              Hey there! You will find that the lower the nicotine strength you go, the better your e-liquid will taste. This is because nicotine actually has a flavour of its own, sort or like a peppery kind of taste.

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            I've never used red label bottles but do use Nico-Ice VG base in 10ml, before I start mixing I will put them in a bowl of warm water, really does soften the bottles