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  • 60 ml a month

    Hey there, I’ve been vaping for the past year and half... I really like how it makes me feel.. I started with a 10 ml of coconut milk e juice a month, which I used to get from- My friends used to vape around 30 ml a month back then…I was really surprised to see, 30 ml a month. Now after a year and half I am at around 50- 60 ml a month. I feel like I am crossing the line. My friends are still at 30 ml. Is it okay to have around 60 ml a month…??At first, I really didn’t care about the amount of the vape. But, recently I’ve come to notice the amount. Is 60ml a month normal?? Do I need to reduce the amount as my friends say?

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    Hi Betty,

    How many cigarettes did you smoke and what strength are you on?

    To be honest I think 60ml a month is fine. I myself go through about 100ml, and I know people who go through much more.

    If you find you are using a lot more, it could be that your nicotine strength needs increasing, or could be down to external factors such as being more stressed. I dont know about you but I rely more on my e-cig when i'm stressed than normal


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      Thanks Rebecca... I'll try increasing my nicotine strength.. Thanks again...


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        I personally found I started using more liquid when I used a higher wattage and lower resistance atomizers and of course lower nicotine always makes a huge difference as Rebecca said. I have started using 0.5 atomizers rather than the 0.2 I was using to see how much that helps.

        I go through around 100ml + a month.


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          Hello Betty18
          Have you changed your device during the time you've been vaping? The device and atomiser you use makes a huge difference in how much liquid you get through.

          Until recently I used an old Tornado pen-style device with extra high nicotine - 3.6%; with this a bottle lasted me for ages. When the directives came through meaning I had to halve the level of nicotine in my e-liquid to 1.8% I changed to a Rocket, which goes through the liquid much faster.

          I was happier with my old device and nicotine strength, but as it's the law now that we can no longer use 3.6% I've had to get used to a different way. I've never really measured how much I use, but at a guess I'd say the old 30ml bottles would last me at least a month but now I'm probably going through 5 or 6 of the 10ml bottles.


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            wow. I was smoking ten a day I use 3mg juice and I use about 70-100ml a week but I do drip witch takes a lot more juice but I enjoy vaping and I am still saving money so its still good for me