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    Afternoon All!

    Want to know what our favourite kit ever is? Ever wondered what life at HQ? Need advice on a new e-cig? Ask us anything and we'll do our best to answer!

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    Hi everyone I just wondered if and when we leave Europe with all there laws and rules will we be able to have our big tanks back


    • Rebecca
      Rebecca commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Paul,

      To be honest it's unlikely. The TRPR is already implemented in UK law and in order to allow larger tanks back, the law would have to be repealed by parliament.

      As part of the process of leaving the EU, parliament will have to go through all the laws implemented during the time we were a member state and decide which ones they want to repeal and which ones will stay. This is going to be a lengthy process so even if they where to change their minds, it wouldn't be for a few years yet!

      In order to continue trading with the EU, we have to follow their regulations which could also have an impact on any decisions made. We are lucky that our government are largely supportive of e-cigarettes (the conservatives voted against the regulations) and bodies such as Public Health England and Cancer Research all coming out in support of them all help to strengthen our case.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out though!

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    Hi everyone. Has anyone had really bad cravings for a cig 3 months after switching to vaping. I struggled for for the first couple of weeks then it got nice and easy almost normal for the next couple of months. Then last week I got really bad cravings. So bad in fact that I went to a shop to buy some but changed my mind while in the queue for the till. It was and still is hell has anyone had the same or has any idea why this is happening to me. It's driving me nuts