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    Hi I bought a pocket rocket a couple of weeks ago the white light has changeg to orange on the fire button any one know the reason thanks

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    It's nothing to worry about. A lot of batteries have two output modes: Direct or Regulated. If I've got this right it's something like this - Regulated tries to give you the same power output no matter how much charge the battery has left, while Direct gets a bit weaker as the battery is used ... something like that anyway.

    If you have an orange light it means you have accidentally switched to direct. It's easy to change back:

    - Turn off your device by rapidly clicking five times.

    - When it's off hold down the power button for between 5-10 seconds.

    - The power light should blink white rapidly for a few seconds, and this means you're back on regulated output and can turn your device on again.

    That's the gist of it anyhow. I'm sure Rebecca will be along after the weekend to correct any errors in what I've written, and as I said it's nothing to worry about.

    The Pocket Rocket is great isn't it? I think it might be the best e-cig I've used.


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      Thanks I bought it for work it’s an ideal size to keep in a pocket.


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        Just tried the instructions you gave me and I’m back to the white light Thankyou.


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          I've nothing further to add! easily got it spot on