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  • Where it all began..

    How did everyone get into vaping? What was your first kit and how easy did you find it to stop with the stinkies?

    Mine was a lovely red Tornado eGo-C Slim from Totally Wicked. It completely baffled me when I got it, and looking back, I'm not sure why! Compared to what's out on the market these days anyway...

    Being honest I've yet to kick the stinkies completely but have massively reduced how many I was smoking. Now on a push to get rid of the last ones.

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    I got into vaping after the cigarette smoking got excessively out of hand, and expensive!
    My first kit was a Tornado V3, and found it to be very easy to use and maintain, apart from not being able to charge and vape at the same time! Thank god for advancements in e-cigarette technology.
    I hope you manage to kick the cigarettes soon Mwnci , I'm sure you will once you find a flavour that you simply can't put down! Or perhaps a high powered device will do the trick.


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      I had a go on the inhaler types once. There were several different devices of that ilk at the time.

      I didn't always have the internet, but I actually started proper vaping on a cig-a-like that was essentially a refillable aerosol.
      The cig comprised a microtank and a valve. When you dragged, it opened the valve and you got a dose. Get about five or six drags out of one microtank.
      The cig was stored in a plastic box the size of a fag packet. You pushed the end of the cig into a valve on the box and refilled the microtank off that, getting about 40 refils off one box. The idea was that when it ran out, you bought a new box with a fresh cig inside.

      However, this was a marketing trial and you may notice the distinct absence of this product nowadays...

      A year or so later, battery cigalikes appeared and I hopped on that.
      Shame, really, as the aerosols were light enough to leave it hanging from your lips like a normal cig.


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        Originally posted by James View Post
        I'm sure you will once you find a flavour that you simply can't put down! Or perhaps a high powered device will do the trick.
        I have my ADV and high powered device, but I think it's literally just the habit of having a real smoke in the morning. If I don't have my e-cig on me I panic, if I don't have smokes I don't care. Will happily go all day without a smoke, but just need to shift those last couple. Gone day from 20 a day though so not all bad!

        Ttaskmaster That sounds interesting... also a bit of a faff! I tried a cigalike that my mum bought but it was vile! Not to mention so weak!


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          Woke up and realised I would rather sacrifice items of food from my weekly shop than sacrifice my tobacco. It was purely money driven for me.

          Walked into a TW shop, left with an original Tornado and have never smoked again. That was 5 years ago!


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            My breathing got really bad, I also have asthma and COPD so I knew it was either give up the cigs or end up on an oxygen tank, had a few false starts and bought kits that didnt work for me as I also have arthritis and fibromyalgia so filling the tanks were difficult for me. Bought an arc pico and a slider hellfire tank for ease of filling a few days ago, it's brilliant btw. And it's been 10 weeks since I last had a cigarette and never want one again, tho can't ever see me giving up vaping. My respiratory nurse has said my breathing has improved and I did notice an almost instant difference.


            • Mwnci
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              I'm glad to hear it's helping and well done on being off the stinkys for 10 weeks! My mum has COPD so I can empathise with that. It sounds awful but it's helped spur me on as well, because i don't want the same

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            Hello Everyone,

            Nice to read about everyone's journeys

            I've been vaping for around 3 weeks now - using a Resolve. My friend has always used Totally Wicked so it was my go to place and so far they are proving to be great. Yesterday I decided I needed a back up unit and have gone ahead and ordered a Pico Kit - in the Dazzle colour. I'm so excited to get my paws on it.

            And to add, I haven't touched a cig in those 3 weeks. Happy days all round!


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              I was smoking over 40 roll ups a day. I heard at work about ecigs back in Jun 2009 and decided to give it a try. I got my first kit on 9th June 2009 and the rest is history. The best decision I've ever made in my life


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                My first kit was a v3 a friend got me it to try 5 years ago and never look back
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                  My first kit was a Totally Wicked Tornado T twin pack, vaping at 7 watts can't remember what that was like!


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                    My first device was also a V3, vaping TECC Titan fluid when it used to have the little cricket animal on! Have to say I much prefer my arc 4 and the packaging now for the Titan looks much better in my opinion


                    • James
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                      Deserves a like just for the pupper banner

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                    Spent a year with V3 between Vaping and Smoking, then picked up a Curve(arc)2 still smoking and vaping at that point, then on 12th November 2015 ran out of cigs on a work break and never looked back. I now think I may have a problem as i like new toys and have more mods than i can hold in my hands!


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                      Lots of shiny syndrome by the looks of things!


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                        Tornado T, around 5 years ago. I used it for about 2 years before moving on to the curve. I'm on to the Ikonn 220 now and love it! never looked back to be honest. It was so much easier than I expected.


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                          For me it was around November 2013 when I realised I was smoking 20-30 a day which was increasing on an almost weekly basis! The first ever kit I purchased was the eMode from Joyetech, it was amazing at the time and I was able to make the switch over to e-cigs right away, I have not touched a cigarette since and feel so much better for it.