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Totally Wicked Odyssey on sale

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  • Totally Wicked Odyssey on sale

    Totally wicked have their old Odyssey on sale at the moment for 20 quid, which seems like a real bargain, though I'd have to get a tank to get with it. At the moment I'm using a Fuze tank as part of the Pocket Rocket, with 1.5ohm atomisers which I like.

    Is the Fuze a suitable tank for the Odyssey? I mean does it fit without an adapter, and would a 1.5ohm atomiser work well? It would save me having to buy different types of atomiser.

    If not then how about a Hornet?

    Any advice gratefully recieved

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    Yes, the Fuze tank will work perfectly fine with an Odyssey 18650M. It will deliver just over 9 watts of power with a 1.5ohm atomizer head. No special adaptor is needed as the 18650M uses a standard 510 connection.

    You'll need to ensure you've got an external battery charger to charge the 18650 battery needed for the Odyssey. The Avatar charger is a solid choice.

    The Hornet tank is also a good option too, as the Horent is supplied with low resistance atomizer heads this setup will deliver a lot more vapour. The 0.4ohm atomizer head will deliver approx 34 watts of power while the 0.25ohm will deliver approx 55 watts. The Hornet tank is a 25mm diamter tank, so it won't sit flush but will work fine.
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      Thanks for replying Stu.
      Once I added in the cost of the charger and now that you've pointed out that the tank won't fir flush it suddenly doesn't seem quite such a bargain. I'll have another look around. Cheers.


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        It's no problem. An external charger is something I highly recommend every vaper purchase. Also, as the Odyssey 18650M is a mechanical mod, it's essentially a lifetime buy. Purchase it once and it'll last you the rest of your life, there's really very little that can go wrong with it.