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Fuze tank on Buzz mod?

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  • Fuze tank on Buzz mod?

    I really like the Fuze tank as I can use it with 1.5ohm atomizers, however I'd like a larger and more versatile battery.

    I realise that the Buzz mod comes with the 2.5mm hornet tank, and that the Fuze is 2.2mm, but other than this are they compatible? Would the Fuze screw into a Buzz mod? And would the battery be too powerful for the atomizer, or would it be ok on low power?

    I see that these are all on sale - if the tanks go out of production how long are the compatible atomizers sold for?

    Thanks for any answers

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    The Fuze tank certainly is compatible with the Buzz

    The battery would be fine on a low power, you can also get lower resistance atomizers for the Fuze which can be used at a higher power.

    Whilst the tanks are in our clearance sale, the atomizers will be sold for as long as there is a demand for them.

    Kind regards,



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      Thanks Rebecca, that's what I hoped to hear. Right, I'll get my order in.


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        Hi Rebecca,
        My Buzz arrived today - aways quick delivery from Totally Wicked.
        I've been having fun playing with it. I tried the Hornet tank with the included 0.4ohm atomiser first, and almost choked myself even though I was using 0.6% liquid, a third of my usual strength - I don't know how you low resistance fans do it.
        I've switched to a Fuze tank now with a 1.5ohm atomiser and 1.8% liquid, and I'm getting on better with it. I might try the Hornet again sometime as it seems to be better made than the Fuze, but I'm going to be careful next time.

        Thanks for your advice, it was very helpful.


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          Ahh I'm glad to hear you're liking it!

          Yeah, the low resistance can be pretty intense if you're not used to it. I still struggle to directly inhale if I'm honest. I just don't have the lungs for it!

          You can get 0.25ohm MTL (mouth to lung) atomizers for the Hornet, but if you're happy with the Fuze I'd stick to that