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  • Buzz Kit....

    Ohhhhh new shiny things!

    This looks really nice. Question though, does it feel plasticy? Or does it feel heavy?

    Random question but I'm after a new kit and there are a few good ones out, I'm trying to decide which to go for and I need something durable.

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    Hey Luna,

    It's a really nice kit - I personally don't think they feel plasticy (is that actually a word?) and they aren't overly heavy. I'd say just a little heavier than the Arc 4 but that, to me, makes it feel pretty robust.

    Order one I dare you



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      Depends what you want from a device...
      The mod only has a single 18650, so will suffer from short battery and low output when SubOhming on that Hornet tank. It's basically the same performance as the Pico series but in a larger form factor.
      For something this size and shape, I'd think you're better off with one of the newer twin-18650 mods, like the Predator or the Alien. They're pretty much the same dimensions, but with 220w of power and far greater battery life.