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Smok Alien 220 and Gpriv

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  • Smok Alien 220 and Gpriv

    Anyone used either. Read reviews this morning of alot failing after 2 months

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    So I take it the eleaf ikonn 220 is also very similar to the alien


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      I have bought this ikonn 220 and its perfect, the tank is spot-on, just one thing, i have got air bubbles coming up from the the bottom of my tank and its got me scratching my head because its only just started, apart from that its ok.


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        Cheers for that TK thought it was me as it had only just started, i should of known, been vaping long enough


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          I have both, the Alien paintwork is terrible and started to flake within a few days. 2 months later the screen failed so I cant set the temp now although it does fire.
          The wisemec was its replacement which I enjoyed especially with ArcticFox firmware but it too has just failed as it wont read resistance correctly and permanently thinks the atomiser has failed which is a very very common problem due to poor soldering for the negative which means I cant get it to fire with any tank or coil.
          I have just replaced it with a Smoant Battlestar which so far has been excellent and has very very good reviews even though its an older mod.

          One thing to note, I do love the tank that came with the Alien and I bought the bigger version which is epic if you like vape clouds.
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            I liked the look of the Alien but after hearing about the paintwork I went for the 220. Not a scratch on it and I am heavy handed. I wear rings which usually scratch the paint but nothing on this, I love it.


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              I cannot really speak for the units that have failed, however having seen an Alien next to the iKonn 220, I would have to choose the 220 for looks alone, it feels far superior. As for the paintwork on the Alien, I have heard reports about this being sub-standard, so it does seem to have more against it than for at the moment.