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  • Hellfire coils...

    TECC really need to look at what they're doing with their HW1 coils.
    I've gone through seven of them so far, none lasting more than 3 days vaping 60VG at 35w...

    At this rate, they're proving worse than the Aspire Cleito coils!!

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    Hi Ttaskmaster I'm really sorry to hear your having these issues! Has this happened after using the same e-liquid or with different flavours?


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      Hmm, this shouldn't be happening, you're vaping the HW1 at our our suggested wattage and you're obviously a knowledgeable customer. Let me see if there's anything we can do for you?


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        Right ok then, that really is a strange one. Those coils are usually very reliable and are used in quite a lot of tanks as well, so I am concerned that you have had these consistent issues. If you give the TECC team a call on 01254 269380, I will have a chat with them and advise you will be making contact so that we can sort it out for you. We can also call you as well if you wish, just send me a message with your details and I will pass it on to our customer service team right away!


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          Thanks for the clarification! However I think we do need to sort this out for you nonetheless. Would you be adverse to us sending some coils out from TECC HQ to see how those go for you? Just send me a message with your details and I will get them sent out no problem


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            That would be absolutely fine. We can arrange to have some sent out to you and the feedback received would be greatly appreciated. If you message me your full details including an email address I will get our team to send out some to you and get back in touch once you've had the chance to use them?


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              Thank you for the kind comments about the service Ttaskmaster they are appreciated! The findings have indeed already been passed on and are currently being reviewed, once again thank you for taking the time to let us know, it is valuable feedback!