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Replacement for an original Totally Wicked Odyssey

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  • Replacement for an original Totally Wicked Odyssey


    It's been a while since I've had to do research on these things. I've been happy with my Totally Wicked setup for the past 5 years. I've been using the Odyssey Cartomizer Tank with an eGo-C Upgrade 1000mAh Battery. I'm posting a picture of it below. The original battery setup didn't include a voltage regulator so I got rid of that. The metal casing housed a glass tank that would crack when dropped but I fixed that problem with Seam Sealer. Couple of fixes and I was good to go. Now they've discontinued the cartomizers for the Totally Wicked Odyssey Tank. I get to find a new setup and hoping someone around here can help.

    -Size matters. 16.5cm total rig length fits in most pockets. A little shorter would be nice but sacrificing battery power isn't worth it to me. 18mm width didn't overstuff my pocket next to my cell phone.
    -Tank Capacity. I go through the 3.5ml tank in about a day. Once a day refills are great. I'm not interested in carrying another item in my pocket to refill the thing before lunch.

    The battery should be universal so I'm not stuck buying an overpriced item that could get discontinued. I'm unsure of the value/avalability of eGo-C Upgrade batteries but they've worked for me. I like the idea of the 18650 batteries but from what I've seen they make the rig too large for a halfway full pocket. Also I'd want the battery to last a full to half day on a charge. Are there any good battery solutions out there like the eGo-C has been for a long time?

    I like the hit off a cartomizer. Guess it reminds me of the cigarettes I use to smoke. Are there any other products out there that reproduce this? Seems like the atomizer I tried years ago was tame.

    Does anyone use a similar setup that might work for me?

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    Hey! Welcome to the Forum

    The Odyssey tanks where my favourite tanks, it's good to see them still being used (though on their way out!)

    Unfortunately, due to new regulations, we are now restricted to tanks which are just 2ml in capacity, this is the reason we had to discontinue the Odyssey range.

    The most similar to the set up you currently have is the D16 kit, the battery is 1300mAh so holds slightly more charge than the eGo-C battery and the tank is 2ml, which is less than what you're currently using but is at the maximum capacity allowed. The atomizers are cheap to replace, provide a similar style vape to the cartomizer and should last a bit longer than them as well

    I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions


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      Hey Rebecca, Thanks!

      That restriction explains a lot! Seems I need to find a 2ml tank. Is that a US or UK restriction?

      I like the look of the D16 tank but it doesn't seem you can buy it individually. All my eGo batteries would go to waste then when this battery ran out I'd have to buy a whole new mod. I particularly like having a spare battery (or 4) in case I neglect to charge mine at a given time. I don't work at a location that's convenient to plug anything in. On further reflection I'm looking for two things. A tank that fits the eGo batteries with Odyessey plinth well and won't get phased out anytime soon. And/or a voltage regulating/adjustable mod that's small/round and uses a standard battery like an 18650.


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        It's an EU restriction, unfortunately.

        You can purchase the tank here and the battery here for the D16

        The arc Pico is a good 18650 mod, it's got adjustable settings on it as well. The tank itself comes supplied with a sub-ohm coil but you can purchase higher resistance atomizers for it if you prefer.

        The Pico is a bit of a workhorse and easily a best seller for both TW and TECC