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  • UD Athlon 25

    Looking for a new tank. What are peoples thoughts on the UD Athlon 25 mini?

    It looks good but the push fit atomizers are putting me off a bit

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    If it's anything like the Youde/UD Athlon 22......

    They handle a full tank of 80VG very well.
    - The air intake is a real 'tache catcher. Not a problem for teh average girl, but even shorter hairs seem to get pinched.
    - The drip tip is short as is the socket, meaning you can't use a lot of other tips. It also contributes to the above 'tache issue.
    - The airflow mechanic is great, but notably restrictive for a SubOhm.

    The kicker: There is too little space between the juice intake and the atty wicking holes. Air bubbles often get in the way and you end up with burning hits.

    I'd think the 25 may be a little better as it has more space for everything...


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      Absolutely loved the Athlon 22 Mini, however I don't require a fatter tank so to speak, is there anything different apart from the size?