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Please help, struggling since V3 discontinued

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  • Please help, struggling since V3 discontinued

    Hello all,

    I'm new here to the forums, but been using TW gear since January 2013.

    Please may I beg for some help?

    I have been using V3 'tanks' with 1.8ohm atomisers for around 4.5 years, and all has been good.

    Unfortunately the V3 is now no longer available, and I can't find anything else that hits the spot.

    Vaping for me isn't a 'hobby' as such, it's a direct replacement for cigarettes, obviously costing a lot less, not smelling bad, and hopefully, not as bad for my health.

    With the V3 I got a nice bit of resistance when 'dragging', a good throat hit and not too much 'cloud'.

    When I have tried the V4, V5 and other random tanks belonging to friends, I am not finding what I am looking for.

    The V4 and V5 feel like they are full of holes, and I get little or no satisfactory resistance when taking a draw - as a comparison, they feel like a Silk Cut cigarette, when I preferred Regal/Embassy.

    And whilst there are those contraptions out there that create a huge cloud, I find little or no 'throat hit', which is probably the most important thing for me.

    Within reason I don't care how much it costs me to equip myself with a satisfactory replacement, I am getting close to ending up back on cigarettes if I can't sort something, which would be a tragedy after so much time on TW stuff.

    If anyone can offer any advice please, I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you for reading, and in advance for any help,


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    Good morning Ttaskmaster,

    Thanks a million for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.

    The variable airflow thing definitely sounds like it might be the answer, I'll try some options down that route and let you know how I get on.

    All the best mate, thanks once again.