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Vaping tricks, fun or dull?

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  • Vaping tricks, fun or dull?

    Call me a miserable so and so, but what are your thoughts on videos such as this?

    I call them show offs, you may call them 'visionaries' let me know your thoughts please, and correct me if I'm just being grumpy for the sake of it! Can't see the point myself...

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    I call them kids playing about with skateboards, roller blades, Furbies, Tamagotchi, Pokemon, fidget-spinners, or indeed anything instead of robbing grannies and sniffing glue on the streets...
    If they have found a way to get famous and make money from blowing smoke rings, then fair play to them.

    Knew of a guy who made shapes with his fingers, once. He strung those shapes together into a sequence. The internet made him famous. He recently got paid to write new sequences and teach some actors how to make those sequences, which became a multi-season TV show. He is a listed crewmember and even has a small guest role on-screen.

    So yeah - Kids having fun and not hurting anyone, including themselves. Dunno what the problem is.


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      You know what Taskmaster, can't argue with that at all. Nice anecdote also, maybe it's jealousy on my part that I can't create vapour in all shapes and sizes!



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        They'll never beat Gandolf's ship though.

        I'm with Ttask on this one, if they can make money from it then fair play


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          Smoke rings were always relatively easy after a how-to video and a few minutes of practice. I guess nice thick vape allows for more complicated tricks... like triangles!!


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            Although its a clever technique I can't really see what all the fuss is about. It doesn't really float my boat. If people can earn a living that way I suppose it's ok in these times of low job prospects. I personally think that if you can get a decent satisfying vape from your machine then that is all that's required.


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              A lot of it is the 'scene' thing, from America.


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                TK we could,nt do this before, like youtube vids, thanks mate i enjoyed the video,, another thing, this could be a way to help people with like ohms law and stuff, cheers again,