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  • coil help please


    I have a arc 4 and am using 0.6 ohm coils in a corsair mini pro tank and using the device set to 20w

    I am getting on avarage 50 mins to 1 hour and 1054 puffs from each coil

    My coils seam to be lasting a week is this correct ??

    Any help or feedback would be gratefully received

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    Hi Floyd,

    Sub-ohm atomizers don't generally last as long as an atomizer over 1.0ohm. Simply because they burn so hot. On average, I would say you can expect a week to 2 weeks out of a coil. This is dependent on usage of course


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      hey floyd
      it could also depend on the flavour you vape, sweeter flavours tend to gunk your coils up quicker


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        Ok thanks for both the answers thought I maybe doing something wrong but it seams not so that's all good.

        However I am now wondering what is the difference between sub ohm and a 1 ohm coil

        I am new to all this and may be asking obvious questions !!


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          The sub-ohm coils are lower in resistance and so burn a lot hotter. The lower the resistance the hotter they burn. One thing I forgot to ask is how you prime them? Because they are sub-ohm they do generally need a little more priming than most.


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            I am priming them by puting 3 drops of e liquid on them then filling the tank. I then leave the device for 5 mins and take a few draws on the device without pressing the fire button. Thèy I start to use the device as normal.


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              Hi Floyd,

              I'd drip a little bit more into the cotton, normally I add around 10 drops before leaving it to stand. When you start vaping with a new coil, try starting with a slightly lower wattage and gently ramp up to 20w


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                Hi Rebecca

                Thanks for the all the help and advice I will do what you say about priming my coil when it next needs replacing and let you know how I get on


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                  Hi Floyd,

                  How are you getting on?


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                    huya I know I am new here but anything lower than 1o will run hot and if your a fruit or sweet juice vape that can really use your coils faster. I am a dripper myself but I was sent quite a few mods over the past year and some of the stock sub ohm could I have only managed to get a few days out of but I would say it also depends on if you prep your coil correctly swell mate

                    hope this helps