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    I know there are some pretty good looking reasonably priced carrying cases on sale out there, but i like to do stuff myself

    I was just wondering if anyone else has already done this and what they came out like. What materials did you use, what about security (closing and belt loops etc) did you follow online tutorials or just go for it.
    What about sizes, did you build a daily use case or travelling case.
    I have 8 different colours of parachute tissue here, about 2 square meters of each of the 7 colours main and about 6 square meter of white. This can be backed with something from an old sports bag for rigidity or used as is with maybe a thin liner. I think one made with this could look great.

    So if anyone has any pointers, patterns to print out and more importantly, photos of your creations it would be a great start in getting up and running.


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    This is a great idea! A lot of people go for glasses cases to keep their e-cigs clean and safe, so I personally would go for a similar style of design


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      Thank you, if ever i get my head round the idea and actually build a case i will post some pics