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Attention Vaped Newbies!

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  • Attention Vaped Newbies!

    Welcome to Vaped.

    Hello Vaped newbies, welcome to our New Vaper section.

    If you haven't already done so, create an account before you can start posting. Say hello and introduce yourself below. Then make sure you read our 'Forum rules' before you delve into the rest of the boards.

    Use our search function to see if any questions you might have, have already been answered.

    If you need help at anytime use the 'Contact us' form, or find a friendly Moderator or Admin.

    When it comes to vaping there are no stupid questions, so find the section you need and ask away.

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    Loving the forum!
    been vaping a few years now and looking forward to getting a few tips and hopefully sharing some of my experiences.


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      Originally posted by BenjiB View Post
      Loving the forum!
      been vaping a few years now and looking forward to getting a few tips and hopefully sharing some of my experiences.
      Hi BenjiB,

      Really glad you like the new forum. I am looking forward to people sharing their vaping experience with others

      If you have any questions or suggestions let us know.



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        Just moved from the old TW forum.
        Hope it lives up to the high standards of the old forum. The advice I received there was a lifesaver, especially on topics like variable temp vaping and mixing eliquids. TTEREVEN


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          Hi all great forum for all your needs


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            im glad i moved i was on the tw old forum as well


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              Hey guys! New to the forum but love the idea! I am fairly new to vaping I started on the simple pens and they didn't cut it.. since then I've had a coolfire iv plus and now a 220w gpriv.. absolutely no problems I love the mod but struggling to find a decent tank.. I don't know how to make my own coils yet haha but any help or advice would be appreciated


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                Hi new here but not new to vaping!


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                  Welcome to you all! Hope you like the new place as much as the old one! Any questions just ask

                  CloudAntiix Feel free to ask about coil building in the "Ask a Veteran" section. There will be plenty of people to offer you great advice!


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                    Long time London vaper, looking to join like minded peeps


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                      Hiya. Been vaping for nearly 4 years now and haven't touched a ciggie since! You'll probably find me in the mix your own section as the minimum 20mg strength is not what I'm used to!


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                        Welcome to the Forum techy111 and Wilf

                        I will keep an eye on the mix your own section as it's still something I need to properly get to grips with


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                          Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for the warm welcome.


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                            Welcome to the Forum!

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                          Hi All,

                          Been vaping now for nearly 2 years after giving up the (now) dreaded weed. At the point where I'm creating my own juices.

                          I do have one question to start with; I've been attempting to research how the nicotine content can affect both taste and the back of the throat "hit". Not really had much success as from I've discovered thus far.

                          Would I be correct in presuming it depends whether it's VG or PG based? Or is the "nicotine effect" minimal - or not, as the case may be?




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                            Hi t0nym

                            Welcome to the Forum!

                            Nicotine content can increase the throat hit but it's mainly the PG content which controls this. The more PG in your mix, the harsher the hit. If you Sub-Ohm this is where I've found that more nicotine increases the hit as well.