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Smokers Are Being Urged To Not Go 'Cold Turkey' This Stoptober

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  • Smokers Are Being Urged To Not Go 'Cold Turkey' This Stoptober

    Stoptober is just around the corner and the NHS will be hoping smokers make a concerted effort to ditch the cigarettes. This year, however, experts are urging smokers to not just give up without any support.

    Research shows that just 4% of smokers who go ‘cold turkey’ remain smoke-free after one year. It is, therefore, no surprise that the NHS is encouraging other tactics including specialised support and harm reduction techniques. This includes nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) as well as vaping (currently the most popular smoking cessation tool).


    The UK government is recognised as one of the world leaders when it comes to smoking cessation. The UK now has the second-lowest smoking rate in Europe after a sharp decrease in recent years. Arguably, this is thanks to the acceptance of harm reduction techniques such as vaping.

    Last year, e-cigarettes featured in the government’s national Stoptober campaign for the first time. The campaign was successful with vape shops reporting impressive sales figures of starter kits.

    Government health officials have this year said that smokers stand a much greater chance of quitting by using official NHS support or switching to e-cigarettes. It’s good to see the government embracing e-cigarettes and building on the foundation that the vaping industry has built.

    However, a large proportion of the British public still believes vaping to be as bad or worse for your health as smoking. Hopefully, this year’s campaign has a positive effect not only on smoking rates but also helps to inform people of the relative health benefits of vaping over smoking.

    The NHS has also launched a personalised quit smoking plan section on its website. This gives guidance on the best quit methods depending on the smoker’s current habits. The guidance includes face to face support, NRTs and e-cigarettes.

    It’s important for the support provided by the NHS and the promotion of vaping to come hand in hand. The benefits of vape shops and the NHS working together to provide a coherent approach has been well documented. This should continue throughout Stoptober and beyond.

    We hope to see another successful Stoptober which sees more and smokers getting the message about vaping. As regulation means vaping companies cannot advertise the health benefits of e-cigarettes, campaigns like this one are vitally important to help send a positive message about vaping.